A successful transition from a domestic German mobile service provider to one of the most visible global brands. T-Mobile is today the fourth largest multinational mobile network, with more than 230 million subscribers in more than 120 countries.


T-Mobile’s parent Deutsche Telekom had acquired mobile providers in seven countries including the US and the UK, with many more acquisitions in the pipeline. Each local provider had its own brand and personality, and each had solid equity in its market. However T-Mobile’s business orientation in Germany clashed with the upstart consumer personality of most of the local brands. With a strong instinct that a single global brand was the right future path, management wanted a supporting deep market analysis,  a positioning for the new brand, and a migration strategy geared to the advent of 3G network technology.


Straightline designed a two-phase qualitative/quantitative study across seven markets with a total sample of 4K consumers. We identified the purchasing drivers of primary targets in each country. Backed by this information, we developed a hybrid global positioning for T-Mobile that could be easily customized to the communication needs of either a product group or country manager: “Your Reliable Global Network Provider For Work And For Play, Anytime, Anywhere.” A successful migration roadmap enabled rapid transition to a single premier global brand.