Investcorp is a well-known, highly respected investment company with almost $11 billion in AUM (assets under management). They have investments around the globe, specializing in middle-market private equity investments, real estate and hedge funds. They have earned a well-regarded reputation for superior performance, innovation and client service.


Despite a hugely successful history – famous for acquisitions of luxury brands like Breguet, Saks Fifth Avenue and Gucci – Investcorp had never defined its own brand, and was still using a temporary logo created by a company secretary in its early days. Brand rules and guidelines were badly needed to bring consistency to communications, especially as Investcorp continued to grow as a global financial player.


Straightline evolved and refined the original Investcorp logo, defining color and type systems to create a complete visual system for the brand. Guidelines included a full suite of office forms and templates for newsletters, brochures, presentations, and even “tombstone” deal advertisements. For seven years we produced Investcorp’s premier publication, its Annual Review, setting a quality standard that lived up to the company’s luxury investment portfolio.