Before announcing the acquisition of a competitor, Endologix, an innovator and leader in treating aortic disorders, turned to Straightline for a complete brand overhaul. We implemented a two-phase process that got them to a successful launch day, then provided the tools to carry the brand into the future.


The merger gave Endologix three distinct technologies for treating abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA), a life-threatening condition that poses technical challenges for doctors during treatment. Helping to explain the need for three device options became a major requirement for the new brand.


Straightline worked closely with Endologix to develop messaging, a new identity, and a brand image to support its strategy to be the first comprehensive aortic solution provider. The tagline “Treat more patients more effectively” positioned choice and customization as empowerment for physicians. The symbol, a stylized image of the full aorta, evokes Endologix’s long-term strategy of providing a full range of aortic treatments.