Successful launch for a category-creating healthcare business. Equipped with focused messaging and design that convey the special benefits of its science, Bioventus is making steady progress toward its goal to become the global leader in biologics.


In 2012, Smith & Nephew partnered with leading healthcare growth equity firm Essex Woodlands to spin off its biologics division, creating Bioventus, an instant leader in the relatively young science of active orthopaedic healing. With the official launch of the new company in the planning stages, Bioventus needed a robust, compelling brand that would communicate its unique offering and align with its vision, mission and principles.


Bioventus’ therapies and devices speed recovery from broken or arthritic bones, a story that is well suited to a benefits-focused core brand idea. Straightline worked with Bioventus to establish the concept of “active healing” evoking the therapy, and the patient benefit in one powerful phrase. A new tagline – Active biologics. Trusted therapies. – drives messaging, and the visual identity combines a rich color palette with images of active people to reinforce the goal of well-being. We produced a new company website, organized for patients, providers, and payers, along with marketing and launch materials to unite the message with the brand.