The Avantor rebrand positions the company as a unique, competitive leader in life sciences and advanced technologies, garnering praise from industry leaders worldwide. The brand strategy allows Avantor to build awareness and equity in the brand, while keeping business running smoothly and leaving room for future evolution.


Avantor, a $6 billion leader in lab chemicals for pharma and biotech, acquired VWR, a global distributor of research lab products, in late 2017. Counting on Straightline’s extensive experience in biotech and biopharma, Avantor asked us to create a new brand that would transform the merged company into an integrated discovery-to-delivery provider. This project involved tight deadlines, several ever-evolving deliverables, and many stakeholders from two strong legacy brands. We also needed to make all branding changes in a way that would not disrupt the intricate workings of their day-to-day business.


Working in close collaboration with the internal communications team for over a year, Straightline developed and implemented a brand strategy, brand architecture, design, and messaging. We also created tools to train team members on how to apply the new visual system and messaging to their communications pieces. The rollout was executed in incremental stages to avoid disruption of operations. We also created an engaging brand spirit video, ensuring that all associates could feel involved in the excitement of the new Avantor brand.