A different kind of pharma company, whose purpose, culture and strategy are centralized around the concept of “Bold For Life”, focusing communications, operations, and employee engagement. Allergan is set to be a major industry player and its newly defined brand will be essential to navigating future growth.


Soon after merging with Actavis, the new Allergan agreed to let Teva take its global generics business, transforming itself to a branded growth pharma giant. If CEO Brent Saunders’ vision of a Bold culture was to mean more than an aggressive M&A program it required a reshape for all pharma audiences, and expression in visual and verbal form. The vision needed a coherent, cohesive strategic direction to embed both mission and momentum with employees, to align the internal culture, and to alter the perceptions of the external brand – while simultaneously providing a sustainable platform to drive continued organic growth and accommodate future acquisitions.


An extensive discovery process involving all stakeholders and industry analysis, including competitive benchmarking, yielded the insights that formed Allergan’s unifying, higher, human purpose. Straightline created a compelling brand story with universal resonance and relevance – Bold For Life – that inspired a singular visual identity, and a design system that departed dramatically from industry clichés. Bold For Life became an organizing principle and rallying cry for the new culture, informing employee behavior, values, recognition, training and performance.